Bounce! (partly_bouncy) wrote in wikia,

Wiki related gatherings

If this is really off topic, I apologize... RecentChangesCamp 2009 is being held at the Univeristy Place Hotel on the Portland State University campus Friday morning (February 20) and wrap-up Sunday afternoon (February 22). A copy of the invitation can be found here. Basically, RCC is a wiki barcamp and free to attending. It would be really great to see people from this community attending. It is a great opportunity to meet other wiki people, to talk about your own issues in the wiki community, etc.

Also, Camp Fandom 2.0 is coming up on March 21, March 22 in Chicago at IIT. The event is free to attend. It is a barcamp related to fandom's back end from supporting fansites to dealing with admin issues to promoting your fan community to business issues related to fandom. It would be great to see people from the wiki community attending and presenting/discussing the role of wikis in the entertainment/fan community.
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