angelabeesley (angelabeesley) wrote in wikia,

Software upgrade next Monday

We are planning a software upgrade to MediaWiki 1.6 on Monday April 3rd. Full release notes can be found at Sourceforge.

A few new features you might notice:

Sared templates should start working again
SVG support with rsvg
New design on preferences and userlogin
Special:Whatlinkshere will be more accurate and will show when a template is used
A new externallinks table will let us check for spam more efficiently
New maintenance script to reassign edits from one user to another (I don't yet know if this will work on our shared user database)
Many language files updates and improvements to the default messages in the MediaWiki namespace
Fixed to and
New variables: {{CURRENTDAY2}} and {{SUBPAGENAME}}
Support for a license selection box on Special:Upload, configurable from MediaWiki:Licenses
Allow bots to be hidden from Special:Newimages and Special:Watchlist
Page protection level for unregistered/new accounts
Blcoked admins can no longer rollback, delete, or protect whilst blocked
Optional "hide own edits" on Special:Recentchanges
@import for [[MediaWiki:Common.css]] added to all skins
Edit box now remembers scrollbar position on preview
New special page: Special:Listredirects
Redirects to categories and images now work
Cookies can be shared between multiple Wikias
Special:Undelete now shows the wikitext instead of the rendered page
Live Preview fixed
New user preference (default on) to add new pages to creators's watchlist
Tags: mediawiki, software, upgrade
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